Virginia’s 9th Senate District: Special Election

There is an upcoming state special election in Virginia’s 9th Senate District. Back in November, United States Congressman Donald McEachin, who served Virginia’s 4th congressional district, passed away from cancer, and a special election was held in February. State senator Jennifer McClellan defeatedU.S. Navy veteran Leon Benjamin to fill the vacant seat. This led to a vacant seat in Virginia’s 9th Senate district to fill the spot McClellan vacated.

Del Bagby won the Democratic primary and will face Republican Stephen Imholt on March
28th, 2023. Currently, Imholt serves as a Walmart sales associate, while Bagby is a member of
the Virginia House of Delegates and is the chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus.

The deadline to update your voter registration status is March 21st, and the deadline to apply for
a mail-in ballot is March 17th.

Click here to find out if you reside in the 9th congressional district.

For any questions regarding this election, feel free to contact the Bonner Center for Civic
Engagement at

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