School Board

What Is the School Board?

The school board is Richmond Public Schools’ governing body. It comprises one representative from each of the nine voting districts. It oversees the general operation and governance of the schools in pursuing its mission and goals:

Mission: The mission of Richmond’s School Board is to prepare students with high-quality educational experiences so that public schools are the choice of all Richmonders, to ensure that parents, families, and the community-at-large are involved in the activities of students, and ensure that students:

  • master the essential skills of reading, writing, mathematics, and reasoning
  • grow creatively, culturally, and physically in order to become life-long learners
  • learn to appreciate cultural diversity, become responsible citizens, and lead productive lives

Goals and Objectives:

  • Improve student achievement
  • Promote a safe and nurturing environment
  • Provide strong leadership for effective and efficient operations
  • Enhance capacity building through professional development
  • Strengthen collaborations with stakeholders
  • Increase parent and community satisfaction

Richmond’s school board operates as a whole on governance matters but has a disciplinary committee of at least three school board members that oversees appeals of long-term suspensions and expulsions. The School Board may also be broken down, as necessary, into standing advisory committees of no more than three representatives to report issues and recommend solutions to the larger board.

Richmond’s school board, unlike most in the nation, is fiscally dependent on the city; it does not have the authority to levy taxes. Therefore, the school board must go through City Council to approve and fund its budget. The following graphic demonstrates the process of creating the budget, as well as its general timeline:

Who Is On The School Board

The school board consists of nine representatives from the city’s nine voting districts. They are elected by their constituents for a four-year term. The nine representatives vote for the chair and the vice-chair to serve a one-year term.

The chair presides over school board meetings, appoints committees, prepares meeting agenda with the Superintendent’s help, and signs all legal documents. Stephanie Rizzi serves as the Chair of the School Board and Cheryl Burke serves as the Vice Chair. 

First Row, left to right: Jason Kamras (Superintendent), Elizabeth Doerr (1st District), Mariah White (2nd District), Kenya Gibson (3rd District)

Second Row: Jonathan Young (4th District), Stephanie Rizzi (5th District, Chair), Shonda Harris-Muhammed (6th District)

Third Row: Cheryl Burke (7th District, Vice-Chair), Dawn Page (8th District), Nicole Jones (9th District)

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District Superintendent: Dr. Jason Kamras 

Jason Kamras currently serves as the Superintendent of Richmond Public Schools (RPS). Mr. Kamras views public education as means of promoting equity and justice for all children in the United States. In his various roles, he has advocated for policies to eliminate the “opportunity gap” that disadvantages many low-income children and children of color, and he has led efforts to dismantle institutionalized racism in public schools. 

Before coming to RPS, Mr. Kamras served in numerous senior leadership roles at District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). In these roles, he led the design and implementation of a number of key initiatives, including the LEAP teacher support program, the LIFT teacher career ladder, and the Mary Jane Patterson principal training program.

Before joining the central office, Mr. Kamras taught mathematics for eight years at John Philip Sousa Middle School in DCPS. Mr. Kamras began teaching in 1996 and was named the United States National Teacher of the Year in 2005.

Contact Information

District 1: Liz Doerr

  • Schools: Munford Elementary; Hill Middle; Jefferson High
  • Phone: (804) 929-6624
  • Email:

District 2: Maria White

  • Schools: Carver Elementary; Fox Elementary; Maggie Walker Governor School; Richmond Academy; Richmond Alternative School
  • Phone: (804) 221-9389
  • Email:

District 3: Kenya Gibson

  • Schools: Ginter Park Elementary; Holton Elementary; Stuart Elementary; Henderson Middle; Marshall High; Richmond Community High; Richmond Technical Center; REAL (at Henderson Middle)
  • Phone: (804) 908-4591
  • Email:

District 4: Jonathan Young

  • Schools: Fisher Elementary; Southampton Elementary; Westover Hills Elementary; Brown Middle; Elkhardt-Thompson Middle; Huguenot High
  • Phone: (804) 929-7006
  • Email:

District 5: Stephanie Rizzi (School Board Chair)

  • Schools: Cary Elementary; Maymount Elementary; Swansboro Elementary; Binford Middle; Open High; Wythe High; Amelia Street; 13 Acres; Patrick Henry School of Arts & Sciences; Richmond Career Education & Employment Academy
  • Phone: (804) 929-6930
  • Email:

District 6: Dr. Shonda Harris-Muhammed

  • Schools: Overby-Sheppard Elementary; Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle 
    Phone: (804) 221-9033
  • Email:

District 7: Cheryl Burke (School Board Vice Chair)

  • Schools: Bellevue Elementary; Chimborazo Elementary; Fairfield Court Elementary; George Mason Elementary; Woodville Elementary; Armstrong High; Franklin Military High; Preschool Development Center
  • Phone: (804) 929-6894
  • Email:

District 8: Dawn Page

  • Schools: Blackwell Elementary; Broad Rock Elementary; Oak Grove/Bellemeade; Elementary; Boushall Middle
    Phone: (804) 929-7158 
  • Email: 

District 9: Nicole Jones

  • Schools: Francis Elementary; Greene Elementary; Jones Elementary; Redd Elementary; Reid Elementary
  • Phone: (804) 929-7371
  • Email:

What Does the School Board Do?

The school board’s primary role is to develop, review, revise, and adopt policies for Richmond’s school division regarding issues pertaining to programs and operations.

Richmond Public Schools as a whole is responsible for the following objectives. Please note that while the Administration carries out many of these tasks, it is the school board that approves and oversees much of the work completed by RPS Administration. The school board is also responsible for ensuring that the district is operating in compliance with the code of Virginia, as well as the Virginia Board of Education

  • To select the division superintendent
  • To provide, care for, manage, and control school property, furniture, and appliances
  • To work closely with the division superintendent regarding all matters related to the school division by receiving, considering, and acting upon reports and recommendations
  • To determine the curriculum, administration, and length of school term
  • To access the schools’ effectiveness regarding the board’s educational purposes
  • To inform the public concerning the schools’ needs and process in order to weigh public opinion
  • To provide transportation for the students
  • To provide for the preparation and adoption of the annual budgets
  • To adopt bylaws and regulations consistent with state statues and regulations of the Virginia Board of Education
  • Consider applications for local public charter schools

How Can I Participate?

The school board meets every first and third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Meetings are normally held on the 17th floor of City Hall.

To preview meeting locations for 2023, one may refer to the schedule located at the bottom of our website’s home page. 

Each regular school board meeting has a thirty-minute “public information” segment for citizens to voice their concerns about Richmond Public School’s services, policies, and affairs. Each individual has up to three minutes to speak and individuals representing organization may be allotted up to five minutes at the Chair’s discretion.

Individuals who wish to speak at a school board meeting must request for an allotment of the thirty minutes with the board clerk, no later than 1pm of the last business day before the meeting by sending the following Request to Speak Form to They must provide a description of the issue they wish to discuss and limit their comments to that subject.

Just as with City Council, if you cannot attend a school board meeting or feel you could more effectively participate in other ways, you can directly communicate with your school board representative through email, phone, or other ways. Refer to the interactive map above for your school board representative’s contact information.

How Can I Prepare?

Preparing for a school board meeting is different than preparing for a City Council meeting. Because school board meetings have more presentations than City Council meetings, they are more informative in nature. People who speak before the school board will usually be speaking about their experiences with different programs.

The following image is a screenshot of what a typical school board meeting agenda looks like:

Preparing for a school board meeting is different than preparing for a City Council meeting. Because school board meetings have more presentations than City Council meetings, they are more informative in nature. People who speak before the school board will usually be speaking about their experiences with different programs.

The following image is a screenshot of what a typical school board meeting agenda looks like:

Unlike the City Council agendas, there is not a way to look up the Items for Action nor the Superintendent’s Reports before a school board meeting; they are presented at the actual school board meeting. If you cannot attend the school board meetings, you can visit the newsfeed on this site for a recap of what happened at the meeting.