Economic Development

Greater Richmond Partnership

  • The Greater Richmond Partnership Board is an economic development team representing goverment and business leaders across Chesterfield, Hanover, and Henrico County, as well as the City of Richmond. It focuses on attracting business to the Greater Richmond area by serving as a single point of contact between the public and private sector.
  • The Greater Richmond Partnership Board would interst anyone who wants to learn more about econoimc development at the crossroads of the public and private sectors.
  • View the Greater Richmond Partnership Board’s website here:

Richmond Economic Development Authority

  • The Richmond Economic Development Authority’s main mission is to build the Richmond economy through both traditional economic development and neighborhood revitalization programs.
  • The Economic Development Authority would interest anyone who wants to learn more about the policies and strategies used by a local government to spur economic development.
  • View the Economic Development Authority’s website here:

Richmond Region Tourism 

  • Richmond Region Tourism is the primary marketing organization for the Richmond region to bring both tourism and convention to the area, spurring a healthier economy and increased exposure to the region.
  • Richmond Region Tourism would interest anyone who wants to learn more about economic development through marketing at the crossroads of city governments and business development.
  • View Richmond Region Tourism’s website here: