Midterm Election Results

U.S House of Representatives

Current Status: Republicans 211 Seats, Democrats 198 Seats

Seats Needed for Majority: 218

Takeaway: Expecting a “Red Wave”, many Republicans were disappointed with the result of U.S House Elections. While Republicans will likely control the chamber, the majority they hold will be slim. Republicans had some bright spots in performances in states such as New York and Florida, but failed to flip many key swing districts in other areas of the country. Instead of a Red Wave, the Republican party had what has been dubbed as a “Red trickle”, underwhelming their expectations.

U.S Senate

Current Status: Republicans 59 Seats, Democrats 58 Seats

Pennsylvania: Democratic Flip

North Carolina: Republican Hold

Georgia: Runoff (next election in December)

Ohio: Republican Hold

Florida: Republican Hold

New Hampshire: Democratic Hold

Take Away: Along with the House of Representatives, Democrats outperformed the polls across many Senate races. Democratic candidate John Fetterman managed to flip the Senate seat in Pennsylvania to Democratic control with a nearly 4 point win over Republican challenger Mehmet Oz. Democratic incumbent Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire also won her seat by a larger than expected margin against a Trump-backed candidate. However, not everything went wrong for Republicans. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Ted Budd of North Carolina, and JD Vance of Ohio kept GOP control of three key Senate seats. Additionally, Marco Rubio of Florida won by a larger expected margin, as the state moved much more conservative in this election cycle. A runoff election in Georgia, along with pending results in Senate races in Arizona and Nevada, will determine which party has control over the chamber for the next two years.

Governor Races

Michigan: Democratic Hold

Maryland: Democratic Flip

Massachusetts: Democratic Flip

Florida: Republican Hold

Oregon: TBD

Arizona: TBD

New York: Democratic Hold

Ohio: Republican Hold

Kansas: Democratic Hold

Takeaways: There were not too many surprises amongst the outcome of governor races, although the results in Oregon and Arizona have yet to be determined. However, GOP candidates such as Ron DeSantis in Florida and DeWine in Ohio outperformed expectations. Democrats on the other hand held strong and kept control in the governor’s mansion in states such as Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. 

Overall Takeaway: Generally speaking, Democrats have been able to halt the potential “Red Wave” that had been anticipated by many election experts. Control over the senate, while still not determined, looks to be leaning toward Democratic control. While Republicans are likely to take the house, they will hold a slim majority in the chamber, which could make it difficult for a new House Speaker like Kevin McCarthy to muster GOP support and appease populist and moderate Republicans within the ranks. 

Local Results

U.S House District 4: Richmond City

Winner: Incumbent Donald McEachin (Democratic Hold)

U. S House District 1: Henrico County

Winner: Incumbent Rob Wittman (Republican Hold)

The two local House of Representative races were of little surprise to election experts. Democrat Donald McEachin held his seat in District 4 with almost 64% of the vote. Republican incumbent Rob Wittman held his seat with nearly 57% of the vote against his Democratic opponent Herbert Jones.

Bond Referendum Results (Henrico County) 

Henrico Public Safety Bond Referendum: Bonds Approved

Henrico Recreation and Parks Bond Referendum: Bonds Approved

Henrico Flood Prevention Bond Referendum: Bonds Approved

Henrico School Projects Bond Referendum: Bonds Approved

Each of the bond referendums in Henrico County were approved with ease by voters. Almost every referendum passed with 90%, showing strong support for allocating monies for these designated projects.

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